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"The 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Italy"

The obverse depicted the emblem of Italy on the occasion of 150th anniversary of her unification. Emblem represents three Italian flags, symbolizing the three past periods - 1911, 1961, 2011.  


"The Special Olympics World Summer Games — Athens 2011, Greece"

The obverse depicted a sun which is the emblem of the games. In the inner part of the coin has an inscription „XIII Special Olympics W.S.G.”, the year of issue and the country „Athens 2011”. In the outer circle were painted 12 stars.


"50th anniversary of the appointment by the Grand-Duchess Charlotte of her son Jean, Luxembourg"

The obverse depicted bust ot the Grand-Duke Henri, against on the background of the bust of Grand-Duke Jean and Grand-Duchess Charlotte. Above them has an inscription „Letzebuerg” and the year of issue – 2011.


"20th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrad Group, Slovakia "

The obverse depicted the border of four country – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Above them depicted the letter “V” symbol of Visegrad group.


"Court of the Lions, Granada – UNESCO World Heritage series, Spain "

The obverse depicted the building of castle in Granada known as the courtyard of the lions. In 1984 he was listed in a Unesco World Heritage. In the outer circle were painted 12 stars.


"100th anniversary of the birth of Franc Rozman-Stane, Slovenia”

The obverse depicted Franc Rozman Stane national hero of Slovenia. In the left of him has an  inscription " Franc Rozman Stane ", the year of issue – 2011 and the country of issue – “Slovenia”.  

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